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Practice-Based Learning Programs for Family Physicians

The Practice-Based Learning Programs (PBLP) were developed by The Foundation for Medical Practice Education (FMPE) for family physicians to enhance the implementation of knowledge into clinical practice.

Small Group Learning

The Practice-Based Learning Program for small groups brings family physicians together to discuss their individual practice gaps in a safe and trusted space facilitated by a trained peer. Discussions centre around evidence-based learning modules and are followed by reflection tools that stimulate real practice change.

Individual Learning

The Practice-Based Learning Program for individuals allows family physicians to explore their practice gaps at their own time and pace. Participants work through evidence-based learning modules and then reflect on the related changes they plan on implementing in their practice.

Residency Learning

The Practice-Based Learning Program for residency is available through family practice and nurse practitioner training programs. Participants have access to all PBLP components including modules, trained facilitators, and small group learning.