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2021 Exceptional Facilitator Award Winner Spotlight #2

Lisa Moore, Family Physician in Ontario

1. Please tell us about yourself and your practice:

I am a McMaster grad from 1989. I spent 10 years as an academic family physician at U of O, then moved to community-based family medicine in an FHT/ FHO that I started in 2022.

2. Please tell us about your PBSG group:

Our PBSG group started in 1996 with me attending a facilitator’s weekend breastfeeding my 6-week-old. And we have never missed a month in 25 years! We’ve added a couple and lost a couple, but have had 25 years of friendship, support, learning, and growth together.

3. Please tell us what you enjoy about being a facilitator:

I love being a facilitator with interesting, learned, bright doctors who are real, humble, and love learning from each other. We also share all of our life experiences.