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2021 Exceptional Facilitator Award Winner Spotlight #3

Paul Pelletier, Family Physician in Quebec

I work at the community health center, CLSC des Faubourgs. It is a teaching clinic affiliated with the Université de Montréal located in the city center. I did my residency there and have been practicing there for over 20 years. Honestly, it is the PBSG group that is exceptional and not the facilitator. Our group is made up of colleagues and doctors working in different fields of practice: office, hospitalization, addiction, mental health, youth clinic, homelessness, sexual health, women’s health, home care, palliative care, geriatrics and more. Cumulating together over 300 years of experience this group is made up of friends and colleagues who are competent, curious, respectful, nuanced but never dull. Our meetings take place once a month and are accompanied by a group dinner, whether at the clinic or at each other’s homes (when confinement allows).