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Bringing Family Doctors Together For Over 30 Years — Annual Report 2022

We are pleased to release our Annual Report, celebrating our 30th Year Anniversary. The publication is entitled, Bringing Family Doctors Together For Over 30 Years, and looks back at some of the most pivotal moments in our organization’s history and the pioneers who made it all possible.

To that end, we feature three profile pieces, the first of which is an interview with Dr. Jacqueline Wakefield, Senior Medical Editor, entitled, A True Legacy: Paving The Way For Practice-Based Learning. Dr. Wakefield is one of the founding members of the Foundation for Medical Practice Education (FMPE) and was integral in working collaboratively with Dr. John N Premi, who started the practice-based small group learning program in the 1970s.

The second is an interview with Lynda Cranston, Medical Writer, entitled, The Pivotal Work Of Module Development.

Lynda Cranston has over 25 years’ experience in medical education and health journalism, writing for a variety of audiences including family physicians, nurse practitioners, patients, and consumers. She has been part of the Foundation for Medical Practice Education (FMPE) for over 23 years, helping write and develop several modules each year.

And finally, an interview with Fairuz Karim, Module Development Coordinator, entitled, Helping Forge A Better Healthcare For All.

Fairuz Karim attended McMaster University where she completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour with a double minor in Sociology and Sustainability. She is currently a MHSc Candidate in the Translational Research at the University of Toronto. Faruz began working with FMPE as an intern and then became a full time part of the team.

The Annual Report also features program highlights from 2022, a look at our new marketing and communications strategy, as well as statistics on our growth over the past thirty years.

We hope you enjoy our Annual Report and celebration of a pivotal anniversary. As eloquently stated by Dr. Tony Gabriel, Board Chair & Dr. Sarah Chritchley Board Vice-Chair:

“The future is bright and we are ready and well positioned to be a big part of it!

To our members, the heart of our organization and the why in everything we do—thank you for joining us, sticking with us, learning with us, and growing with us. We believe in you and your commitment to excellence in medical care through many challenging years. You are what inspires all of us at FMPE. Thank you for everything.

As Family Doctors we are there for our patients from the beginning to the end. We are there through hard and easy days, good news and bad. I hope you all have an FMPE group that is there with you. Let’s stick together.”

Please join us on our social media channels to catch the latest from FMPE. We hope to see you there!