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Charting New Horizons: A Year of Evolution & Growth at FMPE — Annual Report 2023

We are pleased to release our 2023 Annual Report. The theme for this year’s report is, Charting New Horizons: A Year of Evolution & Growth For FMPE. We feel that this encapsulates the journey that FMPE embarked upon during 2023 to fulfill its strategic objectives. It reflects the significant changes and advancements made within the organization during this period, with the aim of improving its programs and services for members.

The phrase “A Year of Evolution & Growth” in our theme underscores the FMPE’s journey during this last year. It emphasizes the organization’s evolution towards a more robust and responsive structure, capable of meeting the evolving needs of its members. A gradual process of change and adaptation has been undertaken to facilitate progress and expansion. This has been reflected in the hiring of new staff and Directors to bolster our Human Resources, expand our programming, and meet the needs of our members.

This year’s report theme serves as a reminder of FMPE’s mission to empower our members, foster professional growth, and contribute to the advancement of family medicine. Through each component of the program, FMPE aims to encourage best practice with a focus on meeting the needs of our members while providing a supportive, responsive process for our staff, faculty and stakeholders. Together, we are charting a path toward excellence.

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