Our Team

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Dr. Tom Elmslie - Executive Director

Dr. Heather Armson – Director, Research

Erin McLeod (Bilingual) – Director, Administration and Personnel ext. 22381

Dr. Risa Bordman – Director, Residency PBSG Learning Program

Dr. Elizabeth Shaw – Director, Module Development

Dr. Lori Teeple – Associate Director, Module Development

Dr. Jacqueline Wakefield – Senior Medical Editor


Trisha Aberilla (Bilingual) – Program Assistant - Residency and PBSG Study Credits ext. 22510

Christine Ceballo (Bilingual) – Administrative Assistant, Finance and HR ext. 22134

Carole Dermody (Bilingual) – Administrative Assistant, Ad Hoc and PBIL ext. 22572

Heather Haywood – Administrative Assistant, PBSG ext. 22750

Mindy Potter – Coordinator, Practice Based Learning Programs ext. 22830

Margaret Russell – Administrative Assistant, Accounts Payable and Receivable ext. 22828


Linda Mayhew – Education Coordinator ext. 22252

Geri Micks – Data Management Assistant ext. 20259

Dr. Stefanie Roder – Research Coordinator ext. 22223

Stephanie Zahorka (Bilingual) - Education Assistant ext. 26286


Lynda Cranston – Senior Medical Writer

Angela Eady - Module Development Coordinator ext. 22953

Dawnelle Hawes – Module Development Coordinator ext. 22624

Wendy Leadbetter – Module Development Coordinator ext. 22287

Brian Thode – Module Development Coordinator ext. 22317

Jennie Thode – Module Development Assistant ext. 20200