List of Modules

Below is a list of the 28 most recently published modules.  There are also more than 70 modules from previous years available online to our PBSG members.

Acne (Feb. 2016)
Acute Sport-Related Injuries of the Ankle and Foot (Feb. 2017)
Advanced Heart Failure: A Palliative Care Approach (Feb. 2016)
Anemia in Adults (Aug. 2017)
Anxiety Disorder in Adults (May 2016)
Approach to Common Anorectal Issues (Aug. 2016)
Bariatric Surgery (Nov. 2016)
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (Nov. 2017)
Colorectal Cancer Screening (Aug. 2017)
Common Non-Traumatic Foot Problems in Adults (Nov. 2017)
Cough in Adults: What to do When it Persists (Aug. 2016)
Gynecologic Health: Challenging Cases (Aug. 2017)
Insomnia in Adults (Feb. 2016)
Low Back Pain in Adults: An Approach to Acute and Chronic Cases (Nov. 2017)
Lung Cancer Screening (Aug. 2017)
Medical Assistance in Dying - Responding To Patients (Feb. 2017)
Oral Anticoagulants (Aug. 2016)
Osteoporosis: Challenges in Management (May 2017)
Parkinson’s Disease: Management of Motor and Non-Motor Symptoms (May 2017)
Penile Issues: Phimosis and Balanitis (Balanoposthitis) (Feb. 2017)
Polymyalgia Rheumatica (Nov. 2016)
Prenatal Screening (Nov. 2016)
Probiotics: Evidence Based Advice for Your Patients (Aug. 2016)
Prostate Cancer Screening (Feb. 2016)
Review 2016: Clinical Pearls and Best Practices for Common Problems (Nov. 2016)
Urine Drug Testing (Feb. 2017)
Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation (May 2016)
Vulvar Disorders (Nov. 2017)