List of Modules

Below is a list of the 28 most recently published modules.  There are also more than 70 modules from previous years available online to our PBSG members.

Adult Cancer Survivorship: Breast and Colorectal Cancer (Feb. 2019)
Advance Care Planning (Feb. 2019)
Anemia in Adults (Aug. 2017)
Anxiety in Children and Adolescents (May 2018)
Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children (Aug. 2018)
Cardiovascular Disease - Primary Prevention (Nov. 2018)
Choosing Wisely: Preventative Health Care in Men and Osteoarthritis (Feb. 2019)
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (Nov. 2017)
Clinical Pearls: Practice and Practice Change (May 2019)
Colorectal Cancer Screening (Aug. 2017)
Common Non-Traumatic Foot Problems in Adults (Nov. 2017)
Dementia – A Stepwise Approach to Investigation and Prevention (Aug. 2018)
Eating Disorders (May 2019)
Environmental Health (May 2019)
Food Allergies (Feb. 2019)
Gynecologic Health: Challenging Cases (Aug. 2017)
Hair Loss in Adults (Nov. 2018)
Hepatitis C: Update On Testing and Management in Primary Care (Feb. 2018)
Low Back Pain in Adults: An Approach to Acute and Chronic Cases (Nov. 2017)
Lung Cancer Screening (Aug. 2017)
Managing Multimorbidity in Primary Care (Feb. 2018)
Pediatric Snapshots: GI Issues (Aug. 2018)
Pre-Hospital Care of Emergencies (Feb. 2018)
Prescribing Physical Activity: Using a Vital Signs Approach (Feb. 2018)
Smoking Cessation and Tobacco Harm Reduction (Aug. 2018)
Syncope in Adults (Nov. 2018)
Travel Medicine: Pre-Travel Consultation (May 2018)
Type 2 Diabetes (Nov. 2018)
Vulvar Disorders (Nov. 2017)