Residency Practice Based Small Group Learning Program

The Residency PBSG Program is an extension of the PBSG Learning Program and is currently offered to family medicine residency programs across Canada and internationally. Trained faculty members serve as facilitators for each residency group using interactive small group sessions (i.e., 4-10 participants). The sessions include case-based discussion (using the PBSG modules) and are designed to promote active reflection on practice (i.e., bringing own patient cases, completing practice reflection tools, practice audits, etc).

We hope to assist training programs in providing a PBSG learning component, which promotes reflective learning strategies in a setting of peer collaboration. Our goal is to facilitate the transition from learning as part of a formal training program, to a commitment toward self-directed CME, which will assist physicians throughout their professional careers.

PBSG Family Medicine Residents Scholarship Award

The PBSG (Practice Based Small Group) Family Medicine Residents Scholarship Award is to recognize an outstanding scholarly project by FM Resident(s) through Research, Quality Improvement or Education Scholarship in the area of Residency small group learning.

Projects that align with the goal of the PBSG Residency program: to inform and support the family physician-in-training through peer small group learning, using evidence based educational principles and materials to promote lifelong integration of knowledge into practice and reflection on learning will be favoured. Potential projects could explore ideas such as the use of social media in small group learning, alternative delivery methods for PBSG, or creation of a tool to enhance Residency PBSG.

Eligibility criteria:
Applicants must be Family Medicine Residents currently enrolled in a Canadian Family Medicine Residency or Enhanced Skills training program, or have graduated within the current academic year.

Judging criteria:
Projects will be judged based on the following criteria: originality, innovation, and contribution to scholarship around small group learning in residency. Although not required, integrating elements of the Residency PBSG Program is an asset.

One award that meets the criteria will be presented each year in the amount of $500.

Application process:
The application window opens on April 1, 2020.
Notification of results will take place by email in August 2020.

Application Form - Link will be available between April 1st and June 30th.

For more information please contact:

Dr. Risa Bordman, Residency Director, at
Linda Mayhew, Education Co-ordinator, at or 905-525-9140 x22252

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Dr. Kristen Timm (University of Alberta)

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