Program Evaluation

The goal of our program evaluations is to determine the effectiveness of the PBSG Learning program and the level of satisfaction our members have with the program.

PBSG Member and Facilitator Surveys are important components of the program evaluation process. The surveys offer program participants the opportunity to provide feedback on a range of issues and make suggestions for further enhancement of the program.

Members are also offered the opportunity to evaluate each PBSG module. This feedback is invaluable to the module development team and helps create modules that better meet the learning needs of members.

In addition to member feedback, we regularly evaluate the program internally at all levels of our organization. Assessments from all stakeholders are used to determine whether our educational goals are being met and whether our program is evolving to meet emerging needs.

Past efforts to improve the program are reflected in increasing member satisfaction over time: 

Membership Survey Results: 

The overall PBSG learning experience; good to excellent:

          2013          95.2%

          2010          90.8%

          2005          89.7%

The quality of group interaction; good to excellent:

          2013         97.7%

          2010         92.9%

          2005         89.4%

The overall quality of the modules; good to      excellent:

        2013         88.3%

        2010         81.3%

        2005         80.5%