The goal of the FMPE Research program is to:

“Clarify the processes and components of the PBSG learning program that enhance physician learning and practice change”

The first funded research project undertaken by FMPE was the Better Prescribing Project (1998-2000) designed to evaluate the effectiveness of the PBSG program. This study showed that physicians who use the PBSG process are more likely to change their prescribing behavior (Herbert 2004; Wakefield 2003; Wakefield 2004).

In order to facilitate a greater focus on research, a formal research program was established in 2009. The program has several ongoing projects, conducted by FMPE faculty and also in collaboration with a number of renowned medical education researchers. Topics of research include:

  • practice reflections
  • commitment-to-change
  • communities of learners
  • self-assessment
  • knowledge translation
  • practice implementation

These research projects would not be possible without the full support and voluntary participation of PBSG facilitators and members.

The following agencies have provided funding for peer reviewed projects:

  • Health Canada
  • Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education (SACME)
  • Medical Council of Canada (MCC)
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)