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1. How do I join the Individual Practice-Based Learning Program?

Fill out this registration form and email it to

2. What is the annual membership fee?

Canada: CAD $395 per year

Mexico: CAD $435 per year

International: CAD $473 per year

(If you join the program after November 15th in the calendar year, you may be eligible for a quarterly pro-rated fee – please contact us for more details.)

3. How many credits can I earn?

The Individual Practice-Based Learning Program has been certified for 5 Mainpro+ credits per module (with the completion of a personal Practice Reflection Tool and Follow-up Practice Reflection Tool). For example, if you complete all 14 modules, you are eligible for 70 credits.

4. How many modules are available in the Individual PBLP?

We publish 14 new modules annually. Individual members receive all 14 modules and have access to the Members Online ( website with a library of previously published modules.