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Member Perspectives on the One Practice-Based Learning Program (PBLP) Pilot

Earlier this year, a subset of our membership was randomly selected to participate in the One Practice-Based Learning Program (PBLP) pilot. This pilot combines our small group and individual learning programs for a richer CME experience.

Participants were surveyed at the launch to gather insights into the anticipated outcomes of the pilot. Here’s a snapshot of what they shared:

  • 50% of small group members are likely or very likely to work through modules and practice reflection tools individually for additional credits.

Anticipated Benefits

Enriched Discussions:

  • “I will be better prepared for discussions by engaging more deeply with the material.”
  • “Those who miss a meeting will more likely do the module on their own, so when we come together for follow-up reflections a few months later, they will be better engaged having actually done the module.”
  • “I think that people may review a topic that we, as a group, did not choose to review. This may trigger discussion and interest by others in the group, leading to further learning.”

Deeper Learning:

  • “Reading the module and completing it individually has an important impact on my learning.”
  • “Ability to work through a topic where I have an identified knowledge gap that may not be selected for a group module.”

Better Value:

  • “I just love that if anyone misses a meeting and wants to catch up or do this alone, they can. It allows us to keep members who miss meetings due to other commitments, so they still get good value for their investment.”

For further details about the One PBLP Pilot, please visit the updated pilot FAQs on our website.