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Module Development Team Spotlight #1

Kate Lafferty, Assistant Director of Module Development

I am a family doctor and completed my training in Ottawa and Toronto. After finishing residency, I did locums in various locales in Ontario and then Newfoundland. During one of my longer locums in my hometown of Hamilton, I was invited to be a roundtable participant for FMPE. I felt so lucky to work with such a bright and passionate group of people, and the feeling has not changed. I have not turned away an opportunity to challenge myself since. Not only in learning more about clinical topics myself but helping develop modules that encourage greater understanding and insights for colleagues across the country.

My life then brought me out to Newfoundland, and as time has passed my role in life has evolved. I now have 13-year-old twins, and I have worked many years in family medicine and in many settings. I have expanded my role and now work with the palliative care team here in Corner Brook. My work with the FMPE has changed over time too. Starting as a roundtable participant, I then started authoring modules and took the step to editor a few years ago. About a year ago I was invited to work more closely with the team in module development.

Years ago, I set a goal (a hope) of working with a forward-thinking group with people across the country. Something that would connect me to colleagues across the country who had a passion to challenge themselves, think creatively, give space for growth and learning, and help others do the same. Funny thing, a few weeks ago it hit me. Without realizing it at the time, the locum for Dr. Lois MacGibbon early in my career gave me an opportunity to grow into a position just like that.

We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from life—William Osler
Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn—Benjamin Franklin