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Module Development Team Spotlight #2

Haider Saeed, Associate Director of Module Development

I am a family doctor in a group practice affiliated with the Hamilton Family Health Team in Hamilton, Ontario. I also work part-time with the Shelter Health Network, which serves local people who are homeless or underhoused.

I have always had an interest in community development and urban health—so much so that I almost became an urban planner. However, I ended up in a program in community health and epidemiology, and then medicine. It was my interest in interpreting data and helping others make data-based decisions that led me to become involved with the FMPE.

I started as a group member in 2007 and participated in my first roundtable in 2010. I was the Foundation’s second choice—their first choice that day was on vacation! I authored my first module in 2013, and I learned more about tinnitus during that process than I ever thought possible. But that didn’t deter me. I began editing modules in 2017 (who would pass up the opportunity to work directly with editors Jacqui Wakefield and Liz Shaw?). And in 2021, I was promoted to the role of Associate Director of Module Development. I guess they trust me!