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New Research Project

The FMPE research team is launching a new research project entitled “An exploratory study to identify the mediating factors as physician small learning groups working towards best practice.” The aim of this study is to identify components of small group learning that help create a community of practice. A community of practice (CoP) is a group of people who interact on a regular basis to share ideas/knowledge and solve problems related to practice. Not all small groups evolve into CoPs; thus, we will be inviting members of the Small Group Practice Based Learning Program (PBLP) to participate in interviews and surveys so that we can learn about their small group learning experiences. We expect this study to help us understand: What makes an effective CoP? What is the lifecycle of a CoP? and Why do some groups struggle to become a CoP? To find out more about this project and share your experiences, please contact the research coordinator, Linda Mayhew, at