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Passing The Baton

Retirement: Dr. Tom Elmslie

After many very successful years at the helm of the Foundation and the PBSG Learning Program, Dr. Tom Elmslie is retiring from his role as Executive Director. During the tenure of this thoughtful Ottawa family physician, the PBSG program has doubled in size to over 6000 members across Canada! In 2012 PBSG received the CPD Program Award from the College of Family Physicians “for providing an exceptional learning experience to Family Physicians.” Tom himself was recognize in 2009 with the CFPC’s Ian McWhinney Family Medicine Education Award. Everyone at the FMPE wishes him well and extends sincere thanks for all his contributions.

New Executive Director Dr. Heather Armson

FMPE welcomes Dr. Heather Armson in her new role as Executive Director. Dr. Armson is a Calgary family physician who has been involved in the PBSG program for many years. She started as a facilitator over 25 years ago and currently facilitates two PBSG groups. She was responsible for facilitator training and was also director of the PBSG program for a number of years. More recently, she has been the director of research for the program. She anticipates continuing the excellent work of the Foundation while exploring opportunities for innovation to enhance the implementation of new knowledge into clinical practice.