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Privacy Policy

The Foundation for Medical Practice Education (FMPE) is committed to protecting the privacy of all individuals (members and non-members) who interact in any way with The FMPE and its Practice-Based Learning Programs. As part of that commitment, we have implemented the steps outlined in this privacy statement.

The purpose of this statement is to explain the types of information The FMPE obtains about its members, how the information is obtained, how it is used, and how members can restrict its use or disclosure.

WHY do we collect information?

The FMPE collects personal information for the following purposes:

  • Membership applications
  • Membership maintenance and updates
  • CME credits
  • National membership surveys
  • Educational Research projects that are conducted or facilitated by The FMPE for further program development

This information is confidential.

What personal information do we collect?

Generally, the type of information The FMPE collects about you consists of your name, mailing address, telephone number, work location and e-mail address. Basic details pertaining to your education history, such as your institution, current academic year, or year of completion may also be collected. As well, information to facilitate payment is obtained when necessary, and credits acquired are monitored.

How do we collect your information?

The FMPE will collect personal information from you by fair and lawful means. We may collect personal information about you when you deal with us by telephone, fax, or e-mail. Forms and surveys filled out at workshops and events affiliated with The FMPE may also be used for information purposes. Educational institutions and third party organizations may also provide us with basic information. There may be occasion when we obtain personal information about you from a third party.

Use and disclosure of your personal information:

The FMPE uses the information it collects from its members to improve its educational modules and services. We also use this information to send occasional e-mail updates with information pertaining to renewals and other administrative information. Your personal information will always be treated in the strictest confidence- it will not be sold, donated or in any way distributed to any entity.

When necessary to communicate with members (and occasionally non-members) about matters of interest to family physicians and educators involved in CME, it will only be provided as aggregate group data for the purpose of evaluating projects and/or describing the membership in the Practice-Based Learning Program(s).

Gaining access to information we hold about you:

Access to the personal information we hold about you will be provided to you upon request unless granting access would infringe upon another person’s privacy.

Correction to information held about you:

If you believe that information we hold about you is incorrect, if you have concerns about how we are handling your personal information, or if you have any other inquiries about your personal information, please forward your concerns to:

The Foundation for Medical Practice Education

Phone: (905) 525-9140 ex. 22750


Security of your Information

Your personal information may be stored as hard copy or electronically. As such, security procedures are in place to protect your personal information. Our servers are password protected and secured behind up-to-date firewall technologies.

Website use – cookies and monitoring use of website

The FMPE website uses cookies to assist JavaScript code on our web pages to work properly. We do not use it to collect either your personal information or your system information. In the future, we may use cookies to understand use patterns, to offer personalized features, or to isolate problems experienced by our users as they traverse our site. In that case, we may extend the use of cookies and we will update the privacy statement should this occur. We do not use cookies for any other purpose.

Updates to the policy

This policy will be reviewed from time to time to take into account new laws and technology, changes to our operations and practices, and changes to the business environment.