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“Program Delivery In A Post Pandemic World”, by Dr. Peter Tzakas

Medical students in a meeting

As programs have transitioned to a post-pandemic period of delivering their academic curriculum, we continue to be there to support residency programs in the use of our modules for trainees.  

We recently met with each of the program directors to see how they are currently using our modules.  Many continue to incorporate virtual formats, or a hybrid of in-person and virtual, as trainees report to be able to effectively learn in small groups with our modules—as they previously could in person. We identified that it is still beneficial to retain a virtual format option for delivery.

We are excited to continue supporting programs with the same principles as we roll out FMPE modules to residents. These principles include: 

  • Regularly scheduled with appropriate time (60-90 mins/module)
  • Trained facilitators leading the session (faculty or senior residents)
  • Continuity of the group is ideal to retain the same core members
  • Having a mix of PGY1 and PGY2s in groups for early learners to experience more informed opinions
  • Pre-reading of the modules help with gathering thoughts around the discussion of cases
  • Reading through the modules together and stopping to discuss each of the questions and cases
  • Encouraging discussion around cases to bring up local resources as they apply to these cases
  • Reflecting on ideas to incorporate change and document these, either individually at first and then as a group, or as a group effort and completing the FMPE reflection tool

In the coming months, I will be sharing more information about how some programs are utilizing our modules in novel ways to enhance their curriculum. As well as, updates directly from residents on the impact of our modules to their learning, both during residency and how they hope it will help them continue their learning in the future.

If you have a topic you’d like me to address, or want to inquire about our program, please reach out to: Carole Dermody,

About the Author: Dr. Peter Tzakas is FMPE’s Director of residency Programs. He currently practices at the Family Medicine Department as the Family Medicine Site Program Director and the Director of Medical Education at MGH. he is also an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and Program Director for the UofT/NOSM/Michener Physician Assistant Program.