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Program Information

Trained faculty members and/or residents serve as facilitators for each residency group using interactive small group sessions with 4-10 participants per group. The sessions include case-based discussion (using PBLP modules) and are designed to promote active reflection on practice using practice reflection tools.

We assist residency postgraduate programs to plan how Practice-Based Learning will fit into their curriculum. Our goal is to facilitate the transition from learning as part of a formal training program, to a commitment toward self-directed CME, which will assist physicians throughout their professional careers.

Offers for New Graduates from Residency in their first 5 years of Practice

We hope that you enjoyed your experience with the Residency version of our Practice-Based Learning Program (PBLP).
We know that the past year has been difficult due to COVID-19 and that early-career physicians face particular financial challenges.

That is why this year, we are offering a 50% DISCOUNT to new members joining in their first five years of practice.

For the 2024 membership year, new members in their first five years of practice will receive 50% off their first year in the program. For $225.00, you can earn all the CPFC’s Mainpro+ credits you will need in a given year.

Register here.