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Small Group Learning

The Small Group Practice-Based Learning Program (PBLP) brings family physicians together in small groups to discuss their individual practice gaps in a safe and trusted space. Discussions centre around an evidence-based learning module and are followed by reflection tools that stimulate real practice change.

The Small Group PBLP is a dynamic program designed by and for family physicians to make the highest quality continuing education relevant and enjoyable!

In this model, small groups of 4-10 primary care providers meet to discuss their own personal practice gaps in light of the best current evidence. Small group meetings can occur in person or virtually using an online remote conferencing platform of the group’s choice. A trained peer facilitator, educational modules, and practice-based reflection tools promote discussions that result in direct practice change. You share clinical experiences and compare practice-based cases with colleagues.

The Small Group Practice-Based Learning process consists of:

  • A small group of family physicians willing to reflect on their individual practices and to recognize gaps between their current practice and best practice.
  • A trained peer facilitator to guide group discussion.
  • Fourteen Educational Modules per year consisting of real-life cases and evidence based best practice information.
  • Practice reflection tools that encourage consolidation of new knowledge in the context of one’s own practice and assist in transforming new learnings into real practice change.

Each component is supported by research into the most effective methods of continuing medical education.