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1. How do I join the Small Group Practice-Based Learning Program?

You can either start a group or join an existing group. Find out more here.

2. How do I join a group?

If you know of an existing group that has agreed to accept you as a group member, fill out this registration form and email it to

3. How do I form a new group?

Once you have a minimum of four members, one member completes this Form a New Group contact form. One of your group members will need to volunteer to be the group facilitator. Each member also completes this registration form.

4. Can I join a group anytime during the year?

Yes. For the most part, groups will accept new members anytime during the calendar year.
(If you join a group after March 15th in the calendar year, you may be eligible for a quarterly pro-rated fee – please contact us for more details.)

5. Who can join the Small Group PBLP?

The Small Group PBLP is open to currently practicing primary care practitioners. During Small Group PBLP sessions, members reflect on their practice and if you are not currently practicing, you will not be able to participate effectively. Medical students are not eligible to join the PBLP.

6. When are the next facilitator training sessions?

Facilitator Training sessions are held throughout the year. Complete this form and email it to We will get in touch about helping you get started with facilitation and with dates for upcoming workshops.

7. What is the annual membership fee?

$450 per year

Note: You can meet as frequently as is convenient for you. The annual fee is not based on the frequency or duration of your meetings.

8. How many modules do I receive?

Members have access to 14 new modules each year (published quarterly) as well as a library of previously published modules on Members Online (

9. How many credits can I earn?

The Small Group Practice-Based Learning program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians for up to 3 group learning Mainpro+ credits per hour upon completion of the group Practice Reflection Tool and Follow-up Practice Reflection Tool. For example, if your group chooses to hold 12 meetings throughout the year, each lasting 2 hours, you would be eligible for 72 credits.

10. How do I get the modules?

PBLP modules are available on Members Online ( We encourage our members to go paperless to reduce our environmental impact. For those that request paper modules, these are mailed to members quarterly. Members also have access to a Members Online ( website with a library containing all the program modules. The program does not mail modules outside of Canada.

11. How many modules are available in PBLP?

We publish 14 new modules annually. In addition, you will be able to access a library of previously published modules via your Members Online account.