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Summer Milestones for Family Medicine Residents

Summer marks a pivotal transition period for residents. As our graduating residents wrap up their exams and enter the final stages of their residency, they are looking to complete their last clinical rotations, apply for an independent license, and finalize their Resident Academic/Qi Projects. We also remind them annually to consider submitting their projects for the FMPE Resident Scholarship Award.

In addition each June, we remind all residents to consider enrolling in our post-residency programs, which provide a valuable platform to stay connected with peers and engage in continuous, evidence-based medical education within a supportive learning community.  

Many physicians stay connected with peers they met during residency and our small group learning programs, which can be done virtually, are a great way to stay connected, earn CME credits and stay up to date to best help our patients.

July also welcomes a new cohort of residents to residency programs. With 73 additional family medicine spots offered nationwide this year—bringing the total to 1,627 new family medicine trainees across Canada—we are excited to integrate residents from all participating resident programs into our online portal. 

These residents will get access to our educational modules and we continue to promote and support integration of small group learning at their sites which helps residents become reflective practitioners who are up-to-date with medical knowledge.

As they embark on their residency journey, we pledge our support to them and their programs, and wish them all the best in their new beginnings.